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A teaspoon caved with axe and knife from spalted apple wood measuring aprox. 12.5cm in length. Finished with walnut oil and beeswax.

Early in 2020 an apple tree had to come down in a local garden. It was dead standing and showing early sign of rot. The wood had a distinct smell of cider as I was carving it, and the interesting figuring comes from the spalting giving it a completely unique colouring.


All items shipped within 3-5 working days.


Care for your woodeware:
Do not put in the dishwasher! Wash with warm soapy water, avoid soaking and dry soon after.
Once or twice a year you can oil with walnut, linseed, foodsafe mineral oil or something similar.
With regular use the woodenware will form a patina. This adds to both the strength and character of the utensil.


Return Policy:
If an item is damaged in transit please reach out to to discuss possible replacement.

Spalted Apple Teaspoon

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